June 21, 2021

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The National Rifle Association


Why Is It So Powerful?

By Celeste Pineda


The National Rifle Association of America, also known as the NRA, is a nonprofit organization that advocates for gun rights. Col. William C. Church and Gen. George Wingate founded the organization in 1871.

Gen. George Wood Wingate
William Church
Col. William Conant Church

The NRA was originally designed to support and promote rifle shooting by veterans of the US civil war. In an effort to help troops with precision shooting, the association was formed. In 1934, the NRA dived into politics as they started to mail their members facts and analysis of legislative acts.

The organization continued with membership expansion after 1977 by focusing on political issues.

Since then, the NRA has become a powerful influence in US politics. The organization lobbies, raises money and prepares field campaigns.

It should also be noted that he NRA donates millions of dollars each and every year to republican lawmakers inCongress. In return, it is these same lawmakers who prevent gun control legislation proposals.

As of 2017, the organization had over 5 million members and is currently led by 76 elected members. It was originally founded in New York and over the years the NRA systematized rifle clubs in other states.

The organization has faced criticism by gun rights advocacy groups, politicians, and gun control. Most people, however, are unaware that the NRA sponsors numerous programs about firearm safety for adults and children. Mass shootings have consequently resulted in the NRA to be at the center of immense criticism.


Offical NRA Seal



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