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SAN ANTONIO — During the week of Feb. 15-17 Our Lady of the Lake University hosted the 2019 homecoming week and welcomed back alumni to join in on campus events and celebrate class reunions.

Among the many alumni who participated in this years celebration were members of the graduating class of 1969. Student tour guide Victoria Espinosa gave the enthusiastic ladies a campus tour as part of their welcome back weekend. However, Espinosa explained that this tour was unlike any of her others.

“I have never learned so much about the campus and OLLU’s history on a tour, usually it goes the other way around, but I was so intrigued by their stories that I did not want them to stop talking,” Espinosa said. OLLU Alumni CiCi Anderson and Lucila Davis requested to visit their old dorm rooms in Ayers hall, and Espinosa stated she had never seen anyone so excited to visit that specific dorm hall. However, after hearing about the sneaky adventures the girls used to have in Ayers, Espinosa will never see it the same again.

Student Tour Guide Victoria Espinosa

“Back then we had a 10 o’clock curfew for freshmen. If you missed curfew you were campused that same day a week later,” Anderson said. She also explained that during Fiesta Week almost nobody came back on time for curfew, so their sophomore year the rule changed to being campused the next day. “The rules got stricter and had us come in on time for curfew the first Friday of Fiesta, even if we had to hold onto the stair rails to keep our balance, because we absolutely could not miss the Saturday festivities,” Anderson said. “However, nobody came in on time Saturday because being campused on a Sunday just meant we got to rest after drinking and dancing all night.”

To some students the closed dorm hall in Providence building is not the most ideal place to live on campus. But the ladies expressed the dorm rooms gave easy access to sneaking in and out past curfew because of the fire escapes right outside the window.

Espinosa took in all the colorful memories the ladies shared and defined this experience as nothing less of Divine Providence. “Meeting some of the OLLU class of 1969 I was reminded of all the great things this wonderful campus had brought into my life” she said.

For more information visit the OLLU Alumni & Friends website.

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