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By Lake Front Staff

SAN ANTONIO—Teens and children alike go crazy after Harvard announced the results of a recent study on the affects of “dabbing” a popular dance move.

The study found the dance move worked out traps, deltoids, biceps, and triceps in dancers. Approximately 600 calories were burned during every monitored 30 minute “dab session”. Researchers were astounded by the find and claim they too have started dabbing in their spare time to melt off pounds.

Alessia Kelly a top fitness guru has added dabbing to her fitness routine and encourages her followers to do the same, “I can see the definition in my arms, to kick it up a notch though I’ve added wrist weights.” If you need to step up your arm game or have a few unwanted pounds just start dabbing in your time and you’ll see the pounds fly off!


April Fools from the Lake Front crew! 🙂

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