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SAN ANTONIO- The time has arrived for one of the most anticipated sports events in the United States (U.S.) as it takes center stage. The 2022 March Madness Men’s Basketball tournament is only a few weeks away from tip-off.

It will debut with Selection Sunday, on March 13, at 5 p.m. Central Time (CT), on Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS).

On Selection Sunday, the division one (D1) men’s basketball committee will reveal the 68 teams that made the March Madness tournament.

March Madness is a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division one men’s basketball tournament held every March.

The first tournament was held in 1939 and had just eight teams. As time went on, the tournament has evolved into one containing 68 teams, all playing for the national championship title.

March Madness attracts over 100 million viewers, with nearly 75 million people filling out a tournament bracket. Each person attempts to predict what team will ultimately win the national championship for a cash prize.

If the college basketball season ended now, the top four seeds in the NCAA basketball tournament would be Baylor, Kansas, Gonzaga and San Diego State.

The schedule for this year’s March Madness tournament:

  • Selection Sunday: March 13.
  • First Four: March 15-16 Tuesday and Wednesday
  • First round: March 17-18 Thursday and Friday
  • Second round: March 19-20 Saturday, and Sunday
  • Sweet Sixteen: March 24-25 Thursday and Friday
  • Elite Eight: March 26-27 Saturday and Sunday
  • Final Four: April 2, 2022, Saturday
  • National Championship: April 4, 2022, Monday

Last year, Auburn surprised college basketball by winning the Southeastern Conference (SEC) tournament and then going on to the Final Four. This year, plenty of teams could pull off a surprise Final Four run like Auburn did last year.

Anyone interested in tuning in can download the free March Madness Live app. Through this app, fans can access all 67 tournament games, stream videos and watch game highlights. All CBS games are available for free on mobile devices and laptops.

Television coverage for the first and second rounds will be broadcasted by CBS, Turner Network Television (TNT), Turner Broadcasting System (TBS), and TruTv.

CBS and TBS will broadcast the second weekend of the tournament. TBS will broadcast both the Final Four and National Championship.

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