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Attractions that are sure to give you a fright

By Destiny Camacho SAN ANTONIO—Ghouls and goblins emerge to haunt the streets of San Antonio once more. San Antonio is one of the best cities to visit year-round with ghost tours that take you through the streets of downtown. Things get a bit more haunted come October. Here the air fills with screams as you walk through the streets. Below you will find some of the scariest and adrenaline-pumping haunted attractions in San Antonio. Are you prepared for the fright of your life this Halloween? The 13th Floor Haunted House – 1203 E Commerce St five-stars $$ Price varies General Admission This year features two haunted attractions, “Feral Moon” and “Laughterhouse,” which are sure to give quite a fright. Laughterhouse features chainsaw wielding clowns and with all the crazy clown sightings around the U.S. this is sure to cause a little fear. There will be a blackout event on November 4-5. This event has you and your group walk, run, and scream through the dark with a single glow stick. If you lose your light, the darkness may not be your friend. The 13th floor haunted house has locations all across the United States but the San Antonio location is amongst the best. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this great haunted house this Halloween. Terror Mansion – 414 W Laurel @ San Pedro 4-stars $20.00 General Admission The building was built in the 1940s and with age comes actual spiritual history. People have said they’ve seen apparitions roaming the halls. During the year, Terror Mansion offers ghost tours in the building. The halls are transformed in October to provide terror to those brave enough to venture inside. Made up of 23 intense rooms, will you be able to make it out? The only survivor tip you are given is group prayer and a rosary. San Antonio Panic Room – 12770 Cimarron Path #104 3-stars $25.00 General Admission  If you’ve played those escape games on the computer or your smart phone you’ll probably enjoy this place. Panic Room is a live action escape game with three attractions, “Prison Escape,” “Abandoned School Room,” “Cabin Fever.” This isn’t your typical haunt for Halloween but it is a fun idea for those who don’t enjoy being attacked by monsters. Each attraction holds 4-10 people and you have 60 minutes to escape. It’s a good bonding experience if nothing else. Fright Fest at Six Flags Fiesta Texas – 17000 IH-10 W five-stars $73.99 General Admission The park is family friendly during the day but when the sun goes down you better beware. With five haunted attractions: “Fear House 3D” “Buried Alive” “Torture Chamber” “RockKill High School” and “Slaughterhouse 6,” you are sure to get the thrill of your life. All the haunted house attractions are free with admission. Not only do you get to experience the five haunted houses but throughout the park there are scare zones, the roller coasters and other attractions, as well as food vendors. It may not be such a bad idea to pay the entrance fee if you think about all that is included in your visit to Fright Fest.
These are my picks for this October and I’m sure you may have a different selection as San Antonio has an abundance of great haunted attractions. No matter where you go this Halloween always remember to be careful and to have fun. *All prices were found online and may vary at the door
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