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OLLU raises hourly pay for student employees

SAN ANTONIO – The Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) Student Employment Office (SEO) announced on Sept. 30 that all undergraduate work-study student employees will receive an increase in their hourly wages to ensure that all Federal Work study funds are spent.

In 2020, the SEO had Federal Work-study funds left over at the end of the year. To ensure that all funds were spent this year the SEO decided to give undergraduate work-study student employees a one dollar raise.

“We have been tracking increases to the cost of living over the last few months and have heard from students facing financial difficulties related to COVID-19,” said Anthony Turrietta, OLLU vice-president of finance.

Turrietta said that the significance behind the raise amount was to provide a good raise without losing the ability to keep a large number of eligible students employed.

The increase will be seen in the pay distribution on Oct. 15, and it applies to most of the current undergraduate and graduate students participating in the student employment program, but some positions are funded by grants that are set to previously agreed-upon rates.

“We will work with granting agencies to see if we can authorize increases for these jobs,” Turrietta said.

Graduate assistant opportunities are also not funded through the student employment program.

The starting pay for most student employment positions is now nine dollars and hour. However, based on specific skill requirements there are some positions that start at a higher hourly rate.

With news of the new pay raise for student employees, executive editor for the Lake Front, Melissa Aguirre, puts in the extra work on camera. Photo courtesy: Sophia Mora

“I think this raise is awesome for student employees,” said Rachel Dziuba, OLLU Student Government Association (SGA) vice president. “It will definitely encourage more people to apply for student employment positions and give some more financial freedoms to student employees.”

The SEO offers positions such as general office assistants, accounting clerks, biology lab assistants, public relations specialists and more. Students may even be eligible to receive federal work study which allows them to apply for off-campus employment with organizations that partner with OLLU.

Job descriptions are available in the myOLLU Portal and in the Student Employment Office located on the lower level of the Walter Student Service Center. 

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