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By: Loren DeLeon

Are you tying the knot soon? If you are, you should consider reciting your vows at Our Lady of the Lake University. Find out if students or alumni get a discount.
You spend your undergraduate career and maybe even obtain your masters here at OLLU, but have you ever considered getting married at the Lake? We spoke to the bride to be, Vanessa Perez, and she shared with us her ideal wedding venue. “I think what attracts me most to the chapel is just the detail that it is with the decorating, the architecture and the glass windows, it’s just very beautiful overall.”

The Sacred Heart Chapel at Our Lady of the Lake has been the site where many students not only obtain their graduation rings, but also their wedding rings. Vice President of Mission and Ministry, Gloria Urrabazo, says that the Chapel has never hosted weddings. “Well the chapel never originally used to have weddings, early on it was really strictly for the sisters because at one time there were so many they would fill the chapel.”

If your partner isn’t catholic, Urabazzo has provided a solution.

“The chapel is called Sacred Heart Conventual Chapel and that chapel is for weddings, uh, one partner if they’re getting married needs to be catholic yes.”

Urrabazo provided us with a list of what the couple needs for their big day. “They are told that they do need to bring their own priest. We do not provide that, nor do we provide music, they can give them a list of musicians to call, but they pretty much have to provide everything.”

Urrabazo even told us why couples should come back and get married at the chapel. “The sacrament of marriage is all about the public testimony of their love commitment to the community that they were apart of so that would be one of the neat reasons to come back and get married in the place that they discovered each other.”
Thinking about taking the plunge? Why not do it here at the lake!

Our Lady of the Lakes Sacred Heart Chapel, is now the destination for students to come back and recite their vows. We spoke to the university events assistant for weddings and reservations, Gustavo Villa Jr. about the precise number of alumni who get married at the lake. “Looking back at records there’s usually about 100 if not more that come back.”

Villa provided us the answers to the questions everyone wants to know.
“There is not a wait list. Currently we do have weddings scheduled up to 2020, but there’s not a wait list. There is not a student discount unfortunately for the chapel now if a wedding does want to use the auditorium for a reception they are given a discount on a reception hall price.”

Villa provided us with the cost. “The cost is $1100 for the chapel. For the auditorium its $1500.”

Villa gave us his opinion on why students should come back to get married at the lake. “My biggest thing is that the chapel is beautiful. We’re called the hidden gem of the west side, because of the ornateness of the chapel and the time and care that the sisters took in building it.”

If you’re getting married soon you should consider the Sacred Heart Chapel. Villa also wanted us to know that the events reservation team is making a website to make the wedding reservation process easier.

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