SAN ANTONIO –Vice President of University Ministry Gloria Urrabazo announced via email on Monday, April 25, that Creighton Chandler, director of University Ministry, was no longer with the university. 

Chandler was hired in November of 2017. 

OLLU students took to social media when they heard the news of Chandler’s departure.   

Students expressed their support for Chandler by writing notes on the StudyCon posters. The StudyCon was held on Tuesday evening in the Academic Center for Excellence building. 

One of many notes posted stated “bring Creighton back.” 

In addition, many other students took to social media to voice their concerns over Chandler and left notes in support of his return. 

The official Instagram account for University Ministry (@olluministry) shared most of the students who mentioned Chandler’s departure. 

The email Urrabazo released on April 25 did not provide students or faculty with much information about the departure. 

The email said, “Creighton Chandler, who served as director of University Ministry for 4+ years is no longer with the Division of Mission and Ministry. We want to thank him for his time with us and wish him well.” 

The email also mentioned to contact Roxanna Chavez, assistant to VPMM/program coordinator, for any assistance related to University Ministry. 

Throughout his time at OLLU, Chandler was involved around the campus and with OLLU students. Under his title of director of University Ministry, Chandler would offer students spiritual direction and mentorship in religion, introduced and continued the Spiritual Direction Interfaith Cultural event, held discussion events after church on Sundays led retreats for the community of Saint John Bosco, worked closely with the Sisters of Divine Providence and provided students a safe space for all levels of trauma and/or life experiences to be discussed. 

The abrupt announcement of Chandler’s departure has brought concern to current and former students of the OLLU community.

“As an alum, this news was shocking when I received an email with little to no information about somebody who was so pertinent, key and helpful in helping me graduate. I really do owe a part of my degree to Creighton,” said 2019 OLLU graduate Mikayla Medina. “This news is both shocking and hurtful to not only me, but so many other alum and current students.” 

This is a developing story. 

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