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By Jonathan Christian SAN ANTONIO — Internships are essential for college students hoping to find themselves employed at their dream job after graduation. Luckily for those with an interest in pursuing a writing-related career, Study Breaks Magazine is here to help. As a publication whose staff is exclusively comprised of undergraduates, Study Breaks offers four categories of internships — writing, editing, content creation and illustration — and provides writers with the opportunity to create weekly content for their online and print magazine through a four-month program. Although the internships are unpaid, they are also remote — meaning students can work from the comfort of their own homes — and can also count towards school credit. “For me, Study Breaks is great,” says Jen Tombs, a writing intern for Study Breaks and an English Literature major at the University of Warwick. “It’s really pushed me. I wasn’t used to writing such long form articles or [received] really in-depth feedback on my writing, so both of those things were initially very scary, but made it’s me much better at writing.” On average, the weekly work load for student writers clocks in at approximately 10 hours. Additionally, interns are required to pitch three articles about any topic of interest, and then write a subsequent 1000-word piece about the chosen pitch. “It gives opportunities to students from literally [everywhere],” Tombs continued, who currently attends college in Coventry, England. “Having the opportunity to be published and have this whole portfolio of articles under your name is awesome.” As the editor-in-chief for Study Breaks, Mark Stenberg stated that his goal is to see all the students hone their craft, as well as gain an “understanding of what constitutes a good pitch and how to intrigue a reader.” Most importantly, the skills that students build over the 16-week program is real-world experience. Stenberg noted that past writers went on to intern at publications such as The Washington Post, Cosmopolitan and SA Express News after their work with Study Breaks. “We keep in contact with our writers,” says Stenberg. “I think their successes will continue to pile up as we send more and more great writers out into the world, so I’m excited about what the future holds for them.” Study Breaks is currently accepting applicants for their Fall 2018 internships on their website with a deadline set for Sept. 1. However, the publication will begin accepting applicants for their Spring 2019 program near the beginning of December.
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