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Our Lady of the Lake University student, Monica Schlueter, thinks the Our Lady of the Lake University COVID policies need some adjusting. 

“I’m a PhD student and in the last two weeks this is my third request to come to campus to receive a COVID test and I do so to avoid consequences that some of my peers have received, because they are not coming in for a COVID test.” Schlueter said.

Those consequences include a warning letter from student affairs, advising you of a fine or even disciplinary action on your student record. Student Affairs Vice President. Dr. George Williams was asked about the process. 

“We don’t want students testing three times a week. That is very much excessive and I recognize that [on many different fronts]. Right now, our process or rotation has been about twice a month for students who are required to be tested to go in and to take their test.” Williams said.    

Other students who have had to test weekly due to extra-curricular activities say they feel they should be exempt from the random screenings. Schluter says other exemptions should be made. 

“Well, I believe that if a student is learning from home or is an online student and their physical presence is not required on campus, I do not feel they should be required to take a COVID test.” Schlueter said. 

In the wellness center, student athletes and students alike have had to show-up to provide proof of COVID testing. If you or someone you know as an OLLU student receive this notice, it is highly advised you follow through. 

 Currently OLLU offers two testing locations. One, on the corner of SW 24th Street and San Luis and the other in room 112 of the wellness center on the main campus.  

“We haven’t really issued fines, what we have done, however, is provided students with opportunities to stay in compliance with our COVID policies and procedures.” Williams said. 

Students wishing to forgo COVID testing can contact the OLLU Student Affairs department for information on how to register their vaccination documents.  

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