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By Bianca Garcia SAN ANTONIO—Preparing for another grueling midterm season? Our Lady of the Lake University students chime in on studying tips, and what helps them through midterms. Sophomore psychology major Vanessa Ayon said she likes to listen to classical music and enjoys studying in her dorm, or an open area like the cyber café, when her dorm becomes to feel isolated. Ayon also suggests avoiding procrastination. “Do not procrastinate! I know it’s easier said than done but it’s still something every student regrets,” said Ayon. Ayon said that a challenge she faces during midterms is having most of her classes due dates around the same time but placing priorities first is helpful. “Most of the professors like to have their due dates around the same time, so I guess a challenge to face is to decide which assignments and subjects to focus on first, second, and so on with the hopes that you’ll have enough time to complete them all by the due date,” said Ayon. Freshman mass communications major Gabriel Torres said he believes in sharing the way professors do things during midterms. “If you’ve had a professor before and you have knowledge how their tests are, share that knowledge with the rest,” said Torres. “Look at past exams and quizzes because they reflect more on the  midterms.” The Best Spots To Get Work Done “The third floor of the library next to the window offers a great view of the new apartments and the light just shines through, or the second floor of the library with the blue and orange chairs, and the dry-erase table,” said Torres.  Advice To Ensure A Smooth Midterm Process “Put priorities first, if you don’t put your priorities first you’re not going to pass,” said Torres. “I have a job and do community service, and during community hour I work on my projects and studying, I put that first.”    
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