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By Bianca Garcia SAN ANTONIO– On Tuesday, April 3, Our Lady of the Lake students received an email stating tuition will increase by 2 percent starting the 2018-2019 academic year. OLLU President, Diane Melby, sent out an email addressing the tuition change and states the increase is needed to ensure the best instruction and resources possible to its students. “As we move into the 2018-2019 academic year, please know that the increase is being invested in your education so that you will be prepared to be leaders in your communities and career fields,” said Melby. According to the email, OLLU Board of Trustees originally approved a tuition increase of 4 percent, but thanks to higher enrollment and other successes, OLLU was able to lower the tuition to 2 percent for its students. According to Carla T. Chavez, an OLLU Financial Aid Counselor, tuition before the 2 percent increase totals $28,192 for full-time students (12–19 hours); the total after the 2 percent increase for full-time students is $563.84 more, totaling $28,755.84 each academic year.   President Melby added that OLLU invests heavily on its instruction and offers quality education for a lower price versus other universities. “OLLU’s tuition and fees continue to be the lowest among San Antonio private universities,” said President Melby. “Other area universities have increased their rates by as much as 4 percent.” Valarie Cervantes, a senior education major, said she has mixed feelings about the tuition increase. I would say that the quality of instruction is worth the tuition, but the inside of the buildings are not very appealing to the eye—some of the classes smell like mold and are either too hot, too stuffy, or too cold because of the window units.” Cervantes said. Cervantes added that we [students] pay higher costs for the brand and reputation of the University because of its desirability. “OLLU spends more of its budget on instruction, as opposed to administration,” said Melby. “Faculty and staff work hard to ensure that the funds you are investing in your education are returned to you through excellent instruction and instructional support.”
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