By Lake Front Staff SAN ANTONIO—Fall into Focus Student Success Center hosts open house  Wednesday, October 4, 2017 an open house was offered in the lower level of Moye building providing students an opportunity to learn about resources available to help increase academic success. The “Fall into Focus” event had a variety or departments available for students to speak with such as the Center for Career Development and testing, Transfer Student Services, and the Academic Center for Excellence. Dr. Williams, Dean of Student Success, called the Student Success Center the “heartbeat of OLLU”, partly because of all the services it offers to students. “The SSC is governed under several offices; one is the McNair Scholars Program, the other end is the Academic Center for Excellence, Service Learning and Volunteerism, our services to student with disabilities, our career development and testing office, transfer student services, and then our advising and retention offices”, Dr. Williams explained. The Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) is an area of OLLU that has become increasingly popular amongst students at the University. ACE can help with course material, study skills, and any task involving the writing process. Sabrina C. Zertuche is a writing consultant and assistant to the Academic Center for Excellence, under Director Dr. Kirsten Komara. Not only does ACE offer in house tutoring, online tutoring is also offered to students in certain subjects. When it comes to helping students with writing, Sabrina said “In 2016, 52% of our appointments were online students”. With the online programs at OLLU on the rise, online tutoring has proven to be convenient and successful for students in any field. “We do get a lot of returning students. This year for the fall semester we have seen a lot of new students. We’ve signed up probably about 60 brand new students.” Sabrina stated. Appointment scheduling is easy to do and can be done online through How I made the article “sticky”- I felt I kept my article simple yet concrete. I wanted to emphasize on the who, what, when, where, why. I gave it credibility and that majority was by offering testimony from Dr. Williams and Sabrina Zertuche. Offering perspective and stories from them both will gave readers a perspective from the other side of the services OLLU provides.
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