By Stefanie Fairweather SAN ANTONIO– On April 5, 2018 the Student Life division held an open forum to mark the start of the interview process for the new Assistant Vice President of Student Life. Thursday, April 5, was the first interview with current interim AVP Catherine Fragoso. Fragoso has held the position as the AVP since Fall 2016, and is currently looking to use her position to make serious changes to the OLLU community. During her time as AVP, she has sat on a number of committees that include residence, campus vibrancy, and much more. What if there is a new AVP? What’s the big deal? A new Assistant Vice President of Student Life can offer new campus initiatives such as a student union, bigger campus events, and more opportunities for students to enjoy their time here at the Lake. “Cat talked about what she has done on campus as well as what she plans to do in the future. Her ideas are to better accommodate students, student-athletes, and staff by bringing campus vibrancy and implementing lounge areas,” OLLU junior Erika Carbajal-Ramos said. “These new plans sound great but as a student who is very involved I would like to see these plans come to life,” Carbajal-Ramos when asked what she thought of Fragoso’s plans for the university. Angel Akins, an OLLU sophomore agreed with what Carbajal-Ramos had to say on the topic. “Cat said that she will continue to use her position to be the voice of the students, so I’m interested to know what exactly she means by this and how will our voices be heard.” Akins said. There is a second candidate who has yet to be named who will be interviewed on Wednesday April 11 during community hour. The interview forum is open to any and all students and lunch will be provided to those who attend.
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