By Maria Elena Cruz

SAN ANTONIO—This summer a small group of students participated in a unique internship opportunity made possible by the mass communication department and a generous donation from an OLLU alumnus. Students Chan’Cellore Makanjuola, Alexis Medrano and Maria Elena Cruz traveled to France with a group of pilgrims and formed part of a crew tasked with shooting and logging video for an upcoming documentary on the Sisters of Divine Providence.


The crew shadowed pilgrims as they followed the footsteps of OLLU founding father the Blessed John Martin Moye and under the direction of Director Richard Streibel, conducted interviews, took beauty shots and hours of b-roll for the film.   As the bus toured the photogenic countryside, students were there with their cameras filming every step of the way.

Responsibilities during the internship included having a camera assigned to each student, and under the direction of the onsite supervisor—Director Richard Streibel—shoot behind the scenes images.

Students filmed pilgrims as they made their way from town to town throughout France, and while filming the pilgrims’ journey. “Lugging the equipment from town to town proved exhausting at times, the experience of traveling the French countryside and what I learned outweighed the small nuances of shooting.”

“This was the first time I was using a camera and I had no idea what I was doing. I was very doubtful of myself and kept thinking I was going to mess up. I realized that it’s okay to be scared of new experiences.”

Students visited Notre Dame Cathedral and took a boat ride along the Seine river in Paris.

Combining education with real-world working opportunities, especially in an international setting was particularly beneficial for students who have never worked abroad.

OLLU Freshman and Psychology Major Alexis Medrano says she learned more than she expected during the trip. “Throughout this trip I was surrounded by so much positive vibes. We’re all humans and have a respect for each other. So many people wanted me to succeed and it was heartwarming.”

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