By Serapio Marquez SAN ANTONIO—Summer has officially set in with temperatures in the upper 90’s in South Texas. You should be out at the beach, traveling, and doing those summery things that make break so much fun and stressing over funds for entertainment should not be on your mind. With limited funds, some students are forced to cut back on services that provide music or TV streaming but two streaming giants have teamed up to offer major student discounts. Spotify and Hulu are offering reduced fees on their services exclusively for students. Why not treat yourself and start summer break off by saving some money. The summer break is meant to be spent binge watching shows and getting a tan by the pool listening to the latest hits. Freshman Megan Gomez is a fan of Spotify but had no idea she could quality for a student discount. “Right now, I have Spotify Premium, but no Hulu” Gomez said. Spotify is a great music streaming service. It allows users to stream a wide variety of music and create playlist. The service is often compared to Apple’s music service. The cost for a Spotify premium subscription is $10 without discounts. Apple’s music service is also available at the same price, but with no discount. Hulu offers a wide range of TV shows and movies on demand. The Hulu student discount only applies to limited commercial service. The cost for the discounted Spotify and Hulu service package is still lower than a month’s fee of Netflix with a low monthly fee of $5.00. The promotion is only available to eligible college students. The service requires you to register with your student email and confirm your student status. The registration takes a few minutes, but you will be enjoying both services in no time. That means students will have premium Spotify and Hulu with limited commercials for $5.00. The cost without a student discount would be $20 saving $15. Freshman Luis Quintero says, “Netflix needs to join Hulu on the student discount.” For anyone interested in this promotion or if you have any questions please visit
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