SAN ANTONIO-When you see water bottle caps what do you think of? Trash? Recycling? Find out what one student here at Our Lady of the Lake University does with her water bottle caps.

One student at Our Lady of the Lake is helping children miles away and it is not costing her a dime. Only a cap. Junior, Crystal Venegas said, “Basically I started asking people when I saw them drinking water bottles or anything that had a cap on it, like oh can I have the cap, do not throw it away.”

It may have been seen as an odd request to many students at Our lady of the Lake, but Venegas did not just like collecting bottle caps, she felt the need to. Venegas said, “Something so simple like a bottle caps can save somebody’s life so if you guys see me around campus, please help me out.”

Word got out about her mission and other students got into collecting bottle caps. Senior, Michael Garcia said, “I used to be a resident assistant, so one day I was drinking water and I was about to throw the water away and my supervisor told me to save the plastic bottle cap because there was a student who was collecting them. So people just started asking are you saving them and they just started saving them for me.”

Venegas has been collecting bottle caps for a while now. Venegas said, “I honestly have not counted them, but I have a few bags. Last year I took a whole trash bag home full of bottle caps.”

What started out with something so small, has turned into something bigger than Venegas ever expected, a way to pay for chemotherapy to those in need in Mexico.

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  1. Hi my name is Kenric Owens, I work for a energy company. I myself have a family member, that I collect the bottle caps for as well. My company are looking on a larger scale to do the same thing, with cancer patients as well. My number is 210-296-1229 anytime I can be reached anytime.

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