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Santiago Reyes SAN ANTONIO—Living the college life sometimes requires that extra boost of energy, but are you one to drink a daily cup of joe? Sophomore Abril Perez believes coffee addiction is a real issue among college students, and Perez even has a go to drink, “the white chocolate mocha, it has a sweet taste to it,” she said. Because of this Perez finds it important to limit herself. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), “coffee is the highest used drug in America. At least 80 percent of Americans drink coffee.” Our Lady of The Lake Barista Nathan Rodriguez makes students their cups of coffee. When asked about coffees effects Rodriguez said, “It concentrates you, it brings you up, it starts your day, it is great.” Rodriguez himself drinks coffee regularly. “I love it, I love making it, love drinking it, I love the felling, the energy, the taste, it is awesome,” he said. Rodriguez mentioned the most asked for drink by students is the Caramel Macchiato. Coffee can help students when it comes to reaction time and sustained attention, and according to the APA coffee does have health benefits, “a number of studies suggest that caffeine measurably boosts cognitive performance.” For more information on coffees pros and cons visit the APA article “Too much coffee?” at
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