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Santiago Reyes SAN ANTONIO– When Our Lady of the Lake University opened this past August, Residents of the Lakeview apartments were irked by the sad empty room, then advertised as a “Fitness Center”. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, The Fitness Center is open for business, catering to all your fitness needs. Long gone are the days of looking in through the glass door, wondering why the fitness center remained empty. Resident assistant, Leila Tokmehdas, described the Fitness Center as “An additional workout area, equipped with cardio and weight lifting equipment.” While small in comparison to the University Wellness and Activities Center, the Fitness Center, located at the rear of the Lakeview Apartment complex, offers a wide range of workouts and physical activity, despite its small size. In addition to the weight stations and bench presses, the Fitness Center boasts a dedicated yoga room, separate from the prying eyes of the public, where one can flex and bend to their hearts content. Katy Shamy, a sophomore at OLLU, said “A lot of residents have asked when we were going to be able to use the new fitness center because the UWAC closes at 9 p.m. and a lot of the athletes use it,making it uncomfortable for non athletes. I think this is going to be a safe place for people to work out.” said Shamy. The Fitness Center is located at the Lakeview Apartments, and is open from 8am – 12pm. For more Information about the Fitness Center contact resident’s life through your portal or at the Resident’s Life Office on the first floor of the Pacelli Lobby For more information about the fitness center contact residence life through your portal or at the residents life office –  located on the first floor of the Pacelli lobby.
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