January 22, 2021

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March Organization Of The Month: STARS

Danielle Ojeda

SAN ANTONIO — The Lake Front is shinning a light on the STARS (Student Team Actively Recruiting Students) organization for club of the month. This organization is dedicated to reaching out to prospective students and personally inviting them to be a part of OLLU community.

Eric Zavala, the President of STARS, gave some insight on their club. “Our organization holds college fairs, call nights and we work with the admissions counselors,” Zavala said. These events allow students to promote OLLU to high school seniors around southern Texas.

“For students interested in joining our team, all they would have to do is visit the admissions office and ask to speak with a STARS officer,” Zavala said.

For more information, contact Eric Zavala at ezavala17sp@ollusa.edu

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