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College football player Darius Maxwell sparks reactions from social media after intercepting the NFL MVP

By Gabriel Cook

San Antonio- During a charity football game in March, Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers quarterback was intercepted by a college football player, Darius Maxwell. Although the video was posted a month ago by the National Football League (NFL), the video has recently gained a lot of traction among sports fans.

Maxwell, is a receiver at Saddleback College, a junior college located in Mission Viejo, California.

The junior college football player has recently committed to play division two football at Wheeling University located in West Virginia, after making this unforgettable play Maxwell was seen in the video jogging toward Rodgers handing him the ball.

Rodgers was then seen playfully throwing the football back at Maxwell, it is likely that he was not expecting the pass to be caught by Maxwell in the first place.

Interceptions are not common for Rodgers.

Rodgers currently holds the record for the lowest interception percentage in NFL history, according to the professional football reference.

Fresh off winning his fourth Most Valuable Player (MVP) award, Rodgers finished the 2021-2022 season with 37 touchdown passes and four interceptions off of 4,115 yards. He also led the Packers to the playoffs this year but came up short in a loss against the San Francisco 49ers in the National Football Conference (NFC) Divisional round.

After the video was released The NFL world had fun reacting to the viral play on Twitter.

Though it was just a charity game, the interception off Rodgers could possibly be a memory that Maxwell will never forget.

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