By: Gerardo Zavala

Hearts racing, chests-pumping and the overwhelming surges of excitement consume the gym as students from all around received the opportunity to play the sports of their choice. Starting Jan. 30 the University Wellness and Activites Center introduced intramurals sports ranging from volleyball, basketball and indoor soccer for the sole purpose of the student body having to chance to have a great time and be a part of something fun.

Senior Krystal Floyd serves as the supervisor of intramural sports. “So what we’re trying to do is get more people involved in the UWAC that aren’t student athletes. I myself am not a student athlete but I love playing sports, so I know there’s a lot of other people on campus who like to do that also. We like to see different types of people coming into the gym. Everyone can come play the sport of their choice and have a fun night,” Floyd said.

Students from all around the campus attend each week, and play in teams with diverse sets of people. Freshman Sheldon Guerra engaged in the games of volleyball. Not on an athletic team, Guerra enjoyed his time playing his sport of choice. “I played volleyball through high school. I love playing volleyball because it’s very hands on and it can get very competitive,” he said.

The outcome of introducting intramurals has left an impact on the UWAC and everyone that steps foot in it. Floyd noticed this and has plans for the future on putting this event on a much larger scale. “We’re planning on introducing sports like softball, kickball and dodgeball,” she said.

Floyd wishes to encourage more students to come to the event.“We’re hoping that those different sports are going to bring more types of people in, and more students.” Intramurals have continued to serve as a an opportunity for students to come together and have fun. Intramural events are held every Wednesday starting at 7:00 p.m. in the UWAC gymnasium.

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