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SAN ANTONIO– With Halloween just around the corner there are many things happening on and around Our Lady of the Lake University, including Boo Bash and the many ghost stories surounding OLLU. When living on campus, some of the first stories students hear involve Pacelli hall. It is believed there is a ghost of a child from the Alamo whose spirit somehow made its way to OLLU and despite not being a residence option this year, plenty of students have heard of the spooky things going on there. While student Nora Anda has not had any experiences with the supernatural here at OLLU herself, she has heard stories from some students that have lived in Pacelli saying the spirit of the child would like to try on shoes, and if a resident would throw a ball, the spirit would throw it back. Almost all of the upperclassmen have heard or have their own stories regarding Pacelli, and another story surfacing about Pacelli is that it was the site of an exorcism. In fact senior Jesse Escareno has heard that you are able to hear the screams from the exorcism at night. It is said that the room in which the exorcism took place is on the second floor of Pacelli and the room gets blessed every semester. Whether or not these stories are true, they definitely add some excitement to what’s happening this Halloween season while attending school and living on campus here at OLLU.
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