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A Lake Front Media student social event

SAN ANTONIO- On October 26 at 6 p.m., at Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU), the Lake Front Media team hosted their second social event of the fall semester, called Spooky Looky. The Spooky Looky social event was a scavenger hunt open to any OLLU student who wanted to participate, students were asked to make teams and come in costume if they wanted to participate in the costume contest. The winner of the costume contest would win a pair of custom shoes by Darius Customs, a local San Antonio shoe designer. Costumes seen at the social ranged from Hannah Montana to Ladybug and Chat Noir, with the first-place winner being Eleven from a Netflix American science fiction horror drama television series Stranger Things. When the event began, the teams were instructed to solve the riddle sent to them via Remind app and raced to the location that solved it. Once at the right location, they needed to take a picture with the character placed there. These characters were fellow Lake Front Media team members dressed in spooky attire, makeup and were also planted throughout campus in various locations. “It was a wonderful experience and I enjoyed going around and exploring unfamiliar places of the school. The costumes were creative, and the people were great company to be around,” said Genesis Aranda, a Freshman at OLLU majoring in Kinesiology. “The scavenger hunt was a fun experience that got me running around campus and visiting parts of campus that I’ve never seen before,” said Kassandra Zamora, Freshman at OLLU majoring in Psychology. A senior at OLLU majoring in History, Richard Galvan said that it was fun and creative, and it made me think a lot, the event felt like a good community that lake front is building. The Spooky Looky was just one of the socials hosted by Lake Front Media. These socials are a way to bond with the team and have fun after school. Look out for more social events presented by Lake Front Media in the fall 2023 semester at Our Lady of the University.
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