January 24, 2021

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Spooky Decoration Takeover

By Gerardo Zalvala

Halloween fever has swept through the halls of OLLU, and the ghostly spirit thrives as the door decorating contest commences to showcase terrifying, yet amazing features that get the community into the Halloween spirit. Different departments had the chance to showcase their decorating skills as their offices went head to head in an all-out war to see who would win the best horror-themed decorated door. Departments such as the Registrar’s office, the Financial Aid office and the Student Business Center took part in this event.
At the Walter Center the feelings of Halloween consumed the atmosphere as decorations of spiders, skeletons, and killer clowns erupted all around. Everyone played a significant part in this event. Student Business Office employee Stephanie Herrera enthusiastically expressed her excitement on her department’s contribution to the competition. “It was a whole team effort. Everyone contributed to the project. Everyone just brought stuff from home or pinterest ideas to create and make. It was a great team effort all the way around.” Striving to out-due themselves from their jack-in-the-box theme last year, Herrera and the department hoped for the best in the competition. “Our school gives us the ability to have decorations and fun competitions and we really enjoyed that,” Herrera said.
The Counseling Office took part in the competition with their own unique theme of skeletons. Freshman Brianna de León works in the Counseling Office and took great pride in the department’s contribution and what it meant to them. “We’re like a family at the Counseling Department. We wanted to incorporate all the skeletons to represent all of the work-study’s, interns, and the counselors that work here in the office,” de León said. Though it was their first year competing in the contest the department was determined to find a workable idea to incorporate for their door. “We were brainstorming what we can do and we looked online for ideas, so it was kind of like a combination of our group effort in decorating the door. Everything fell into place. It’s a piece of all of us,” de León said.
The competition is sure to be one to remember for the community at OLLU and in the hearts of the ones that contributed to this fun event. Judging began for the competition on October 29. Results were not available at press time.

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