SAN ANTONIO – There is one organization on campus that requires a military background to join. That organization is the Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) Student Veterans of America (SVA) which is open to only those who have served in the armed forces.

In order for veterans to attend any college, there is a process that has to take place first besides just filing for financial aid. This process can be long and even at times difficult because of all the necessary forms and having to wait on approvals. The SVA has derived a plan to help bring assistance to the OLLU student veterans.

The SVA is introducing a new speaker series for OLLU students and student veterans this semester kicking off Sept. 17. President of the SVA, Tricille Otineru said, “Through the OLLU’s SVA Speaker Series, our goal is to educate OLLU student veterans on the various resources they have available to them through the university. As non-traditional students, we require access to unique support programs. Our hope is that this speaker series will help set our student veterans up for success – not only in their academic endeavors but in their personal lives as well.”


The series will run throughout the semester introducing different resources and non-profit organizations for students and student veterans. Otineru and other officers have taken it upon themselves to do the best they can in providing resources and help for all veterans at OLLU. Key organizations that will be part of the speaker series are OLLU Cares, TAO Connect, Financial Aid (veteran benefits), Service to Students with Disabilities, VetSuccess, DAV and the Birdwell Foundation.

The SVA has established a team committed to improving the veteran amenities at OLLU by working with faculty advisor Dr. Wallis Sanborn and Assistant Vice President for Administration Mary Scotka. In April of 2019, the SVA held a grand opening for the student veteran’s lounge located in Providence Hall where all student veterans can go to eat their lunch, do homework, watch tv or just unwind from their day.

If you are a veteran that would like to join the SVA or have questions about available resources email or visit the facebook page @ollustudentveterans

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