Greek Showcase offers students the opportunity to join a sorority on campus or within the city 

    SAN ANTONIO– On Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2022, Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) fraternity and sorority life hosted the Greek Showcase at Chapel Auditorium. The event featured on-campus sororities and two city-wide chapters that students could join.    The two city-wide chapters were Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Delta Rho Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. and Zeta Upsilon Chapter.    City-wide chapters of sororities are different than campus sororities because city-wide chapters can recruit new members from other universities around the city. In contrast, chapters hosted on campus can only recruit members from the specific school they are apart of.  Oghale Omakor and other sisters from Delta Sigma Theta  Photo credit M. Adela Tamayo    “I learned about city-wide once I was going through my process because I thought it was just an on-campus thing. It’s nice because for smaller public and smaller private schools, we don’t get to meet as many other students as other big universities to recruit new members,” Oghale Omakor, President of Zeta Upsilon Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta sorority said. “Our schools are Trinity, OLLU and the University of Incarnate Word to connect with people. “ Regina Horne Spree with others sisters from Alpha Kappa Alpha  Photo credit M. Adela Tamayo    One of the reasons why these sororities have city-wide chapters where they can recruit from different schools is to ensure they have enough members.   “The reason we have a city wide undergraduate chapter is so that we will have the numbers to complete the service projects that we need to complete during the school year.” Regina Horne Spree, Chapter Advisor for Delta Rho Chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority said. “It’s a city-wide chapter just so we can have the numbers. We wrote that charter in 1960. We included those schools because we wanted to have members from the predominantly white institutions.”   For more information on Greek life, visit   
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