By Pedro Becerra

SAN ANTONIO—For those unfamiliar with aspiring American hero, Skrizzly Adams describes himself as a “twenty-five-year old recording artist from New Jersey” who hopes for success not only in the music industry, but also with his own self-titled beef jerky line.  His sound could be described as a mix of guitars, electronica, hip-hop, country-like tunes and strong vocals.

Photo Courtesy Skrizzly Adams.

Skrizzly Adams released his Stains EP, follow-up Stains II due this year and his debut album expected as a 2018 release, on YouTube and other streaming services such as Spotify where he showcased different mixes and use of his vocals on songs.

Favorites include “Me and You,” “That’s Life” and the single “Tipping Point,” which are all available on iTunes. Personally, coming across the single Tipping Point, I asked Adams about the song’s inspiration or any background that led to the creation of this riveting single where playing on a friend’s acoustic guitar led from one thing to another. Adams describes the process as “out of nowhere [when he] started playing the Tipping Point riff; exactly as it is on the record” with his friend praising this early creation. Adams also states he differs from other artists with his creative process that involves abandoning an idea completely over a period of time then returning to the unfinished work to pick up right where he left off.

With Tipping Point, he returned three months later with producers Ken Lewis and Brent Kolatola to work on it, a single says he is proud of.

Skrizzly Adams claims the support of his family, specifically his mother, the inspiration behind him turning his visions into reality as he conquers the world, one riff, lyric and note at a time. When asked if there was a moment that led to his pursuit of music, Adams recalls no specific moment but only the steady gravitation towards an already existing musical interest “that eventually got me [to] where I am today and for that I am extremely grateful.”

The inspiration to perform, write songs and develop his own image also comes from a myriad of iconic vocalists like Kurt Cobain and Eminem, songwriters Bruce Springsteen and Neil young to producers Rick Rubin and rapper Kanye West, as well performance from Garth Brooks.

If you’d like to see him, Adams plans to hit the road this summer and fall while simultaneously playing shows throughout the year. His motivation is the love from fans who share their admirations, importance and experience with his music.

His music has helped some soldiers who have found a way to cope with PTSD and single mothers who found strength in his work. It is this connection with people that Adams describes as, “the greatest experience on Earth for me.”

In 10 years, Adams would like to see himself with 5 albums in his discography and a touring base that is “a force to be reckoned with.” To those individuals out there looking to pursue a career in music, Adams says, “give it everything you got, never stop working, and always trust your gut!”

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