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By Stefanie Fairweather SAN ANTONIO–The Saints Productions Board at Our Lady of the Lake University recently hosted what they called their Headphone Disco. SPB prides themselves on bringing fun to campus, by doing so they seek to plan out of the box events that get the student’s attention. Silent Party? Partying with Headphones? What’s the fun in that, many have asked themselves. The reason why it is called a silent party is because of the headphone aspect, there is no music being played outside of the headphones. Each participant received headphones with three different stations, and students got to choose which one was their favorite. “The craziest thing was that there were three different DJ’s, each played a little something different. It was by far one of the funnest events I’ve been to on campus,” freshman Arleen Silva said. “We wanted to bring the Silent Headphone party because it was out of the norm for us, when it comes to planning events. We definitely took a risk planning this event, because it is hard to promote a ‘Silent party’ but it has for sure given us a big reward.” Angel Akins, Vice President of SPB said. “I see this being one of our most successful events of the year, if not the semester. We worked really hard to get to this point and to see it pay off feels great! There was so many people that came out, it was crazy! There were even athletes there, the athletes on our campus are the hardest audience to reach out to,” said Erika Carbajal-Ramos. As the Saints Productions Board wraps up their 2017-2018 academic year, they want to remind students that there is always a place for them on the team.
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