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TikTok star Jack Write speaks out about his sexual assault.  

SAN ANTONIO – TikTok star Jack Write expressed to social media users about being a victim of sexual assault in January against former friend and fellow TikTok star Sienna Mae Gomez. 

Using the social media platform YouTube, Write posted a video on January 20 that exposed the previous accounts of sexual assault performed by Mae within the two years of their friendship. Write’s video is titled “what sienna mae did to me.” Write also raised awareness of sexual assault when explaining his mental trauma after Mae’s multiple encounters.  

Since May 2021, Write and his fellow friends have shared several allegations of sexual assault against Mae. Although both TikTok stars never confirmed their relationship, many videos and clips showed them hugging, kissing and complimenting each other dated back to October 2020.  

The first accusation against Mae was on May 30, 2021, by a friend of Write named Mason Rizzo, when he posted a screenshot from a notes app that documented a significant amount of dialogue of which Mae was verbally abusive to Write. Mae denied those allegations; however, Jack Write confirmed them at the beginning of this year.  

Write has also used Instagram and YouTube to advocate for victims of sexual assault and speak out because those victims may be able to encourage other victims to raise awareness.  

There are various national and international organizations working to support victims of sexual assault and prevent any future assaults based on physical encounters and online content. 

According to the Rain, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) website, the organization is considered the largest anti-sexual violence organization in the United States. RAINN works alongside the National Assault Hotline, allowing accessibility to thousands of communities across the country. Additionally, RAINN provides multiple programs to prohibit sexual abuse, rape culture, and intimate partner violence while ensuring victims’ protection and justice. 

Since the controversy surrounding both TikTok influencers, media users within the TikTok platform have challenged the silence of this controversy by enlightening audiences about Mae’s allegations and raising awareness against sexual assault.

Photo Credit: Sienna Gomez/ YouTube

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