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Fall fashion trends and styling tips

  SAN ANTONIO- As the leaves change, trends change and old ones are expected to resurface this fall.  This September, trends are traveling back decades, with sweater vests, flare jeans, maxi skirts, chunky oxfords and vintage style sneakers. While flare jeans are notorious for being a staple in 70s style, their origin dates back to early 19th century.  In the past, flare jeans were a uniform for Navy soldiers since they made it easier to roll up the cuffs. Now, the flare style has resurfaced into fashion through the form of both jeans and leggings. Another trend emerging from the vault are sweater vests. Sweater vests emerged in the 1950s with both men and women partaking in the trend. Which fizzled out around the 90s when society deemed sweater vests, ‘comically nerdy,’ and ‘grampa-ish.’  With stores such as Walmart, Target and Ross gaining popularity, trendy clothes have become so accessible that even students at Our Lady of the Lake University are wearing them. Under $40, these retailers offer flare jeans, vintage sneakers, sweater vests, chunky oxfords and maxi skirts.  WHO WORE IT BEST: Flare Pants
Olivia Palemero : interest
by camila student in photo Esmeralda Martinez
  Maxi Skirts
selena gomez pic found on pinterest
Photo by Camila student in photo Karen Kelly
  Sweater Vests
Emma Chamberlin in sweater vest photo by pinterest
Ryan Gosling in a sweater vest photo by GQ

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