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Fall graduation ceremonies at Our Lady of the Lake University are less than two months away, but graduation hats aren’t the only thing up in the air – OLLU seniors say that they have yet to be informed of any graduation plans.

According to senior Santiago Reyes, seniors are concerned that the university hasn’t announced plans.

“I kind of understand, given that COVID has been a very big part of how the academic year has played through, and maybe they don’t have all the information at this point,” Reyes said.

Reyes said that seniors would appreciate being informed of changes to the ceremony format and possible contingencies in case the ceremony is delayed.

“I don’t expect a graduation ceremony, but I wish they would let us know plausible dates or plausible actions that they’re gonna take,” Reyes said.

University officials were unavailable for interview, but OLLU Provost Dr. Lourdes Alvarez said via email that the university, though balancing many concerns, is close to finalizing plans, and is “looking forward to celebrating the accomplishments of our students.” Alvarez also said that celebrating them “is all the more needed and deserved” in the current circumstances. A tentative date of December 12th has been set.

Despite these circumstances, Reyes is still optimistic.

“I’m excited to graduate. I think after 4 years of being in school, as a student, you look forward to this moment,” Reyes said.

Reyes also advises his fellow seniors to help the process run smoother by taking care of their responsibilities.

“I would say just try to get your paperwork in as soon as possible. Make sure that you’re talking to your advisors and your professors. Make sure that you have everything turned in on time, that way you make the process of graduating a little simpler,” Reyes said.

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