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Photo credit: Everyday Health Photo of Hernandez (dressed in all black) at The Watcha! Film Series in honor of Women’s History Month.
By Priscilla Correa SAN ANTONIO—I want to be in El Paso for the summer, but what if I stay in San Antonio with my sister instead? Wait, no. I’ll live in Houston with my little, Jessica! But where will I work? I really want to go to New York this summer. Ugh, can I just go live in California? As graduation rapidly approaches, these thoughts wander wildly in my head. I will be working at Disneyworld in September as part of the Disney College Program, but I still don’t know what I will be doing for the next couple of months, or what I’ll do after Disney. All I know is that I have so many dreams for myself, so many aspirations. “You have to keep your feet on the ground first, to be able to fly,” said the one person who has been there for me these past four years of college, cheering me on and encouraging me to never give up. She’s my personal cheerleader and number one fan: my mom. I talked to her about all the different possibilities and everything I would like to do over the summer, but she brought me back to Earth. I realized that, while it is wonderful to dream, I had to be realistic. It’s a scary thought, though – I have always had a plan for myself. I would graduate high school, go to college in Austin and study video production. The funny thing about plans, though, is that they never pan out, but they at least give you a sense of direction. However, it is the first time that I do not have a set plan for my life. Although it’s a bit frightening, I know that it’ll all be okay because God has always had better plans for me than I had for myself. I mean obviously, I ended up at Our Lady of the Lake University! When I look back to the fall semester in 2013 when I transferred over from the Art Institute of Austin, I remember being anxious about embarking on a new chapter of my life, yet I was filled with so much excitement… pretty much the way I feel right now. I am anxious about the unknown, but I’m so thrilled to find out how it will all turn out. As I keep my feet on the ground and my head in the clouds, I look back at my journey as an undergrad at Our Lady of the Lake. I can’t help but to be thankful and appreciative for all the amazing individuals that I crossed paths with. I had amazing professors, the best roommates, a wonderful group of staff members that I could always count on, and friends who turned into sisters. I am beyond humbled for the incredible three years that I spent here, and I would simply like to thank God, my parents, my family, and my friends for encouraging me to aim high and never give up on my dreams. I couldn’t be more thrilled to say that all the learned experiences and knowledge that I have gained have prepared me for this new chapter of my life and I am now ready to spread my wings and fly!
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