How many students actually pick up the University’s newspaper, and what makes an eye catching headline?

Danielle Ojeda

San Antonio- Our Lady of the Lake University has one artifact in particular, that has documented dates, trends and events since the 1960’s. The university’s newspaper, known then as The Phoenix, The Lake Front prints  and realeases 1000 copies of the newest edition all over campus every month. Most Saints may agree it is not hard to find the paper, but how many actually grab a copy?

Data collected from 20 students surveyed on whether or not they pick up a copy of the paper showed that 70 percent answered Yes and 30 percent answered No. Christian Chavez, Editor-In-Chief of The Lake Front newspaper, said “it is important for us that we focus on featuring all these programs (referring to the variety of programs and opportunities at OLLU), because this is a paper for the students.”

Chavez explained what goes into deciding a first page story, “When we are picking a cover story we usually do that at the end, after we have a bunch of stories set for the issue… and we want that story to catch attention immediately. We want it to highlight a big issue or event that’s happening at the school.” 

With social media only a few taps away on any smart phone, some students turn to alternative sources to keep up with current events. Sophomore Ryan Chapa explained “I typically turn to Twitter or Facebook for news updates.” When asked if Chapa was a regular Lake Front newspaper reader he answered “I don’t really keep up with the paper monthly, but if for instance I’m waiting before class and there’s a paper around I’ll read through it.”

Lake Front Editor Christian Chavez- In the process of publishing the paper.

The Newspaper Fact Sheet includes statistics that prove newspapers in America have been hit hard as more and more Americans consume news digitally. However, most may agree with OLLU student employee Gracie Sibrian, receiving news from student’s themselves can serve as the most sufficient source of  campus updates.

Sibrian explains there is no better way to receive news from “a small campus that has a lot going on”.

For more information and OLLU updates visit The Lake Front online, or pick up a copy of the printed newspaper each month.

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