By: Brianna Martinez

SAN ANTONIO- With the new school year starting, new first semester freshmen are going through the college life, whether they are hours away from home or just a couple of minutes away. One way to help with this transition is by applying to the Leadership Institute For Freshmen Excellence Program (LIFE). 

Erica Guevara, Leadership Institute for Freshmen Excellence First Year Connection Executive stated that the LIFE Program guides first semester freshmen their first year of college. Freshman which are titled Mentees, are partnered with a Mentor who will transition them into college life.

Guevara recalls going through this program herself when she was a first semester freshman. The experience she had during her time of being a Mentee, inspired her to now be the Executive of the LIFE Program. Guevara said, “I want this next group of freshmen to be comfortable in their own shoes. I want them to be leaders instead of followers. This program is a foundation for them and it really prepares them for what they are going to be experiencing within these years that they spend here at OLLU.”

After filling out an application to be a Mentee or Mentor, an interview will be set up in order to be accepted into the program. Once that is done, Mentors go through training. The Mentors and Mentees would then go through speed dating in order to be matched up with a compatible partner.  

Once partnered up, there will be sessions in which the students will be building leadership and tactile skills. Guevara said, “The topics in a session can be as light as how to cook a healthy meal in the microwave, or how to compete a resume, to as deep as sexual health and safety.” The members of the LIFE Program also go on a retreat. Guevara said, “The retreat is usually my favorite part. Students are able to open up and be vulnerable with each other. This is where the relationship building, leadership, and growth within the freshman really reach a high.”

Once completed all of the necessary requirements, students will graduate from the LIFE Program. With their certificate that they receive, they are able to add this to their resumes, applications, etc.

For any questions on the LIFE Program stop by Worden 25 or contact Guevara at

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