Scholarships And Grants Relieve Financial Burdens

By Bianca Garcia

SAN ANTONIO—Full-time tuition for a semester at Our Lady of the Lake University is $13,682 for undergraduates; that’s $136,820 for a bachelor’s degree(120 hours) at 12 hours a semester.

That doesn’t include additional fees. According to the Explanation of Charges form from the OLLU Admissions Office, we end up paying a total of $414 on top of the $13,682 for tuition: health services fee ($15), library fee ($60), student activity fee ($10), technology fee ($250), and a general fee ($79). That’s already $14,096, not including the additional $778 charge for students without health insurance.

Miguel Garza, Financial Aid Counselor, said students don’t usually accumulate that much debt with the assistance of scholarships.

“The Admissions Department looks at high-school grades and test scores to determine how much of a scholarship they [students] qualify for, if they do, and how much,” Garza said.  

Scholarships can assist with the financial burdens brought on by costly tuition fees. Both are free and encouraged to apply for.    

“Scholarships pay for the bulk of my tuition my expenses,” Junior Valarie Cervantes said. “I never imagined that I would be able to attend a school like OLLU because tuition is so costly.”

According to Cervantes, applying for scholarships takes a burden off of students who may not be able to afford tuition otherwise, and they are free.

“Applying for scholarships has paved the way for me,” Cervantes said. “I was pleasantly surprised that I could afford OLLU and I am happy I made the decision; I may not have had this opportunity without the scholarships I receive.”

Students are encouraged to visit the financial aid office for scholarship information in the Walter Student Service Center, or by phone at (210) 434-6711.

“Why wouldn’t a student apply for free money that organizations are graciously giving away to support the futures of our generation,” Cervantes said.

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