The Fiesta festivities are approaching and San Antonio is preparing for a month long of celebration and history.

SAN ANTONIO – As spring is getting into full swing, another season has people’s full attention and excitement here. Fiesta season is a month-long celebration that locals and commuters to the area long to get to. With the festivities starting up at the beginning of April and lasting towards the end of the month, people are expecting to have a full calendar of events that they can attend day and night with friends and family in downtown San Antonio.

With many local shops and universities around the area supporting and participating in the season, it’s highly unlikely to not be able to make it out to at least one celebration of Fiesta. The Fiesta Oyster Bake at the St. Mary’s University campus is the kickoff festivity starting is on April 12thand will be celebrating its 103rd Anniversary this year.

On April 13th, Our Lady of the Lake University hosted the 5K Confetti Run and Walk. A free Easter Egg Hunt and other fun activities followed after the race. This event benefited OLLU student scholarships.

“I worked this walk last year and the entire UWAC staff works hard to get it set up and we are constantly working until the morning of which is where we get to enjoy out hard work by watching everyone have fun,” said UWAC employe and Confetti Walk planner, Sam Millan.

On April 18th , the Fiesta Carnival opens at the Alamo Dome Parking Lot C. The carnival will have wristbands for sale starting at $22 and ranging to $25.

Fiesta lovers continue to enjoy the many different events put on every year. However, the Battle of the Flowers parades are one of the main events of Fiesta that people look forward to. The 128th Battle of Flowers Parade will be on April 26 at 9:30 am.

For the people who want to work all day and party all night, on April 23rd, people can come out and enjoy A Night In Old San Antonio. NIOSA is open to the public in historic downtown San Antonio. This four-night long celebration will offer food and drinks to those who are looking to try something new with every step they take. With 15 different themed areas, Fiesta lovers can expect to find just about anything they are looking for at NIOSA.

“I have been going to Fiesta since I moved and I have started to go with more and more friends each year, it has just been something that we look forward to going to with a bigger group each year,” said junior, Jose Lima.

While most people who are celebrating the events are locals, tourists can look for a place to stay on Websites like AirBnB to rest their heads after a long day of celebration.

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