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SAN ANTONIO– Home to Six Flags Fiesta Texas, The River Walk and the historic Alamo sight San Antonio is a popular traveling destination. Along with many other attractions, San Antonio is the highest visited city in the state of Texas. Here are some fast facts you need to know before your trip to the Alamo City.   

1. San Antonio is the seventh largest city in the US. 

Picture of the San Antonio skyline by Santiago Reyes

Behind cities like New York, San Fransisco and Chicago San Antonio has a population of 1.4 million making it the second largest city in Texas behind Houston. The Alamo city attracts people for its many amenities such as cost of living, job opportunity, and affordable real estate. According to world population review San Antonio gained 25,000 residents in 2012 alone.

2. San Antonio is home to the Alamo  

3. According to Culture Trip the Alamo is the most visited attraction in Texas. The Alamo is the location Texas fought for independence from Mexico in 1835. Spanish settlers built the Alamo in 1718, first known as the Mission San Antonio de Valero. The legacy of the Alamo was established in 1836 when Sam Houston and an estimated 800 Texans defeated Santa Anna. Taken prisoner Santa Anna came to an agreement to stop the war.

4. San Antonio has the largest Mexican market outside of Mexico  

Picture of authentic Mexican food vendors by Santiago Reyes

The historic Market Square is a strong resemblance of San Antonio and its Hispanic culture. The market is home to Mexican restaurants, stores and live music.  This Historic market has attracted many artist and musicians, one of them being Selena Quintanilla, a beloved singer to the city of San Antonio.

5. The San Antonio Missions are the only UNESCO word heritage sites in Texas  

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The San Antonio Mission National Historic Park is home to four out of five UNESCO missions in San Antonio. The missions date back to the 17th century making them one of San Antonio’s most popular touristic destinations. The missions where built in response to Spanish colonization throughout the Southwest. The first Mission to be built in San Antonio was Mission San Antonio de Valero, better known as the Alamo.

6. San Antonio host the second-largest parade in the US.  

Picture of residents at the Flower Fight by San Antonio Magazine

The parade started in 1891 as a flower Fight. Rather than use weapons to reenact the battles of the Alamo, blossoms were thrown. The Battle of Flowers grew in to carnivals, balls, and other parties were added to the now 11 day festivities. The Battle of Flowers is said to be in honor of the diversity and heritage of Texas, along with the heroic spirits of the patriots of the Alamo

San Antonio is a city full of spirit and adventure, Lined with deep history the Alamo City is a destination you don’t want to miss out on. Come down and enjoy all that San Antonio has to offer. For more information about San Antonio, visit 

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