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SAN ANTONIO—It is a small thing but as a child you thought it was everything. It symbolized your freedom, a way to travel to a friends house or as far as your parents allowed. The bicycle. A simple form of transportation but helpful and efficient. Recently, Our Lady of the Lake University acquired Lime Bikes for the campus. The hope is that the bicycles bring campus vibrancy and promote physical activity. Lime Bikes are public bicycles that individuals can rent for however long they wish. The normal fee for a Lime Bike is a dollar an hour but at OLLU can check out the bikes through the University Wellness and Activities Center (UWAC) for free using their student IDs. Using the Lime Bike app you lock and unlock the bikes, locate where you parked your bike, locate other bikes, and track how far you’ve traveled and calories you’ve burned. If you want to know more about Lime Bike visit there website at their About Us page, also check out their How to Lime page. So far the campus is loving this new addition and hope that more show up. If you would like to ride a Lime Bike they are located in front of the UWAC. For more information or questions on the Lime Bikes, contact Adrienne Rodriguez at (210) 431-4154 ext. 4154.

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