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Danielle Ojeda

San Antonio- Earlier this month Our Lady of the Lake University students participated in a movement that was exercised all across the United States. The 2019 Women’s March gave individuals the opportunity to protest for female empowerment, economic rights and equality.

The rally began at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 19 on W Commerce St. Festivities included speeches by community leaders and poetry performances followed by a half marathon march in front of San Fernando’s Cathedral.

OLLU freshmen and sisters Gabriella and Emma Ramos shared why they felt it was important to take part in the march. “I support all women…It is important to show support and love…It is all about unity and power so the more women there are the more power,” Emma Ramos said.

When asked if they have participated in a march similar before, both explained how they have been attending the MLK march for eighteen years and how this was their second women’s march.

In this year’s march the sisters joined fellow saints to share and support what it means to fight like a girl.

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