SAN ANTONIO – Throughout the school year, the Saints Production Board (SPB) holds events for the students at Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU). These events bring the community together and allow the students to get more involved on campus. SPB is an organization at OLLU that organizes and holds many of the events that occur on and off-campus for students. The events held by SPB help students create a bond with the OLLU community and allows them to come together outside of the classroom.

SPB has open positions for students called, Programming Assistants, which is a volunteer position. Students will be asked to volunteer for one or two hours a week. The Programming Assistants help with the event’s success for everyone to enjoy. SPB Diversity and Excursion Chair, Vanesa Ayon said, “It is a really good opportunity for freshmen or anyone who want to get more involved on campus.”

A past event that many students recently attended was Silent Disco night. Freshman, John Segovia said, “I think it was a great experience for every one that went because it was the first week and everyone got along so well.” Segovia also stated that he was excited and looking forward to upcoming events.

Students can find more information about upcoming events through the SPB Instagram. Make sure to follow them @OLLUBlueNation to stay updated throughout the semester.

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