By Catalina Sanchez

SAN ANTONIO — How are you spending your spring break? For many college students, spring break is the opportunity to recharge, but can one truly relax knowing there are assignments due during break? Some students look forward to the week-long vacation since the beginning of the semester; however, the assignments due during spring break can certainly put a damper on relaxation time. While having assignments due over spring break can be beneficial, the homework can easily activate procrastination tendencies. Should all assignments be due before spring break or should students have the opportunity to work on assignments during the break?  

Survey shows that 75 percent of students would rather have all their assignments completed and turned in before spring break. Many of Our Lady of the Lake University (OLLU) students emphasize that spring break is a time to recoup and not think about school. Different ideas of relaxation vary from student to student. For example, some count down the days till the annual Beach Bash Music Festival on South Padre Island while others prefer to binge-watch television shows, sleep, and spend time with family or friends. Spring break is also a time for students to return to their hometowns. Freshman Herman Duncan looks forward to a week of relaxation. “I’ll be watching Netflix and catching up on sleep,” Duncan said.

Are you staying in San Antonio? Do you not have any plans? If not, there is plenty to do in the San Antonio area: the spring break activity week at Mitchell Lake Audubon Center; the Irish festival (March 16 & 17) and parade in downtown San Antonio (March 17); and Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Students might want to this time to relax before the last of the 2018-19 school year approaches.

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