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By Danielle Ojeda SAN ANTONIO–Our Lady of the Lake University overlooks the west side of San Antonio and has the appointed name of “Jewel of the West Side” to many proud faculty, staff, and students. It is hard to believe this beautifully unique and well preserved campus holds a gap in such an essential process to our environment. Recycling. Actions for a more eco-friendly campus were highlighted by two members of this independent catholic community. Mia Sanchez, a student resident at OLLU, explained how frustrating it is to not have recycling bins present in the residence hall where she stays. “As a catholic school we should care more about sustaining the earth, because its God’s creation…we should be taking care of the planet and doing the most” says Mia when asked her opinion about the “few” recycling bins placed around the dorm side of the university. In addition to collecting her plastic bottles that she properly disposes of at a recycling vendor in San Antonio, Mia helps the environment by utilizing a reusable cup and compo-stable utensils. Although Mia’s efforts impact the environment in a positive way, she is still only one individual who is well Eco-friendly educated. The director of facilities at OLLU, Darrel Glasscock, states it is crucial for our Saints to be more aware of the massive effect they would have if recycling was more promoted around campus and why is it essential. Although there are recycling bins found around campus, there are limited resources for handling proper disposal for recyclable items. It is easy to depend on residence life staff to carry the responsibility; however Glasscock explains he is “concerned about the overload of receptacles and vendors” put upon his staff if there was a flood of bins in the halls. Darrel Glasscock also expressed how this change cannot be a one sided effort, but instead should be a “team effort” from the entire OLLU family. Presently, there are two recycling dumpsters located on the right side of the Lake View apartments, which are emptied every Monday and Wednesday. Aside from facilities and students, Chartwells, our third party food service provider, is helping keep OLLU beautiful with available reusable containers to purchase for dining hall meals to eliminate the overbearing of non-recyclable waste in the trash bins. No effort is too small to help sustain Mother Earth in all her beauty. But a team effort from the whole OLLU will keep the “Jewel of the west side” brightly shinning in all her beauty.
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