January 15, 2021

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Quicker tan, longer side affects? Are UV tanning beds worth the glow?

Students and physicians go back on forth on whether or not tanning beds are something students should look into for the upcoming summer months

By Natalie Fazio

SAN ANTONIO – With summer fast approaching, many students are trying to figure out how they are going to get their summer glow with the changing Texas weather. With temperatures ranging from low 50s to high 80s from day to day, it is hard for students to find the time where it is comfortable to go lounge around the pool and get some rays.

However, a solution might be available to more than most would know about. Tanning beds are a quick and efficient way for students to get some of their color back that was lost in the winter months. While tanning beds are easy to use and cost effective with student discounts applied, outcomes are visibly noticeable.  

The downside to this quick fix is that many doctors and physicians have said that the high powered and close range UV rays are bad for natural skin and can cause irreversible damage. Therefore telling people, especially young adults, to stay away from them.

While knowing the possible risks, one student at Our Lady of the Lake University is taking advantage of the easy rays here in town at a local Palm Beach Tan. Alyssa Marquez, freshman, has been tanning there for about two months now and is completely satisfied with her results. However when asked about if she was worried about the risks, Marquez said she is not too concerned., “I know that most say that it is bad for you but the law requires the stores to have a 20 minute a day and you can only go that long every 24 hours, so I don’t worry too much because I am limited to how much harm I could be put under.” Marquez said.

With a medical look into things, OLLU Athletic Trainer, Alyssa Guerra talks about the warning she gives to people who think about using UV tanning beds. “I know that it might just seem like a little bit of exposure to the harmful rays but even 10 minutes in them could run the risk higher of getting a skin cancer such as melanoma.”

So whether you would rather bake in the natural sun for hours or take your chances in a quick 20-minute bed tan, doctors and ritual bed tanners recommend that you use a sunscreen to protect yourself from the rays and that you know your body and do not push your skin until it is burnt to a crisp. 

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