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By Gabby Cavazos SAN ANTONIO—When Our Lady of the Lake employee, Mari Flores, attends graduation next month she will have two very special graduates in the crowd: her two oldest daughters. Attending college with family simultaneously is common, but uncommon for two sisters graduating in the same class, with the same major, and with a mother working at the same university. Uncommon might be the best word to describe the relationship between Analiese, Roxanne, and their mother. The three are wrapped together by authentic and pure love that is uncommon to find, but shown at each encounter. “My mom has always worked so hard for my sisters and I. She always tells us how proud she is of us and has been counting down the weeks until graduation for us this semester,” said Analiese. Graduating together was not the plan as both started at different universities with different majors. Analiese and Roxanne eventually made their way back together with the help of Providence when they enrolled at OLLU in the Fall of 2013. Both sisters will be graduating with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and will continue to pursue similar interests after graduation. “I plan to work with children in a school setting or the juvenile justice system. I have not decided yet but working with the youth has always been an interest of mine,” said Roxanne. She was able to explore her interest in the juvenile justice system at the Lake after declaring her minor in criminal justice creating a little difference between the sisters. With a minor in social welfare, Analiese will pursue graduate school to become a special education teacher. The sisters are grateful for the time spent together at OLLU and the opportunity to graduate side by side. “We helped each throughout this whole process and were able to share our strengths with each other along the way,” said Roxanne. “It’s really special to me because it is something that we have worked very hard for and with God’s help we have reached our goal together,” Analiese said in return. The sisters extend gratitude to their whole family for the support throughout the process. “My entire family from my parents, sisters, and grandparents always tell us how proud they are. It helps to know they are supportive.” Graduation will be held on May 7 at the Freeman Coliseum. The commencement ceremony will begin at 11:00 AM.
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