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club rush sgaBy Lake Front Staff SAN ANTONIO—On January 27, 2016 various organizations and clubs at OLLU showcased themselves to students who are interested in getting involved on campus. Courtney Lynn Dailey, senior Public Relations major, is known as the Director of Student Organizations (DOSO) and is responsible for putting this event together. “This year we had a wrestle mania themed club rush.” Dailey said. “Club Rush OLLU Mania is what it’s called.” The Student Leadership and Development office (SLD) planned on making this Club Rush successful by bringing festival attractions such as sumo wrestling and moon bounces. Each organization is required to pick a wrestler of their choice who embodies what they stand for or to be creative with the theme. Club Rush offers students a chance to explore and see how they can get involved on campus based on their interests. Courtney stated that “It’s important because it is an opportunity to showcase what the OLLU Community has to offer from student life.” OLLU Clubs and Organizations:
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