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SAN ANTONIO– Residents of San Antonio share their experience of the 2021 winter storm and give tips on how they will prepare differently for this winter.

Make sure you are prepared and have your crucial items so that you are ready for this year’s winter surprises.

San Antonio native, Kim Cantwell was not prepared for last year’s winter storm. The 2021 storm left Cantwell and her family without electricity for over three days. Trying to keep warm, make food, and charge phones was difficult.

“This year we decided to prepare early. We actually purchased some portable battery banks that can be pre-charged prior to any storm warnings. We also made do with what we had last year. We actually had an outdoor gas fire pit that we used to cook several meals. This year we decided to buy a flat top grill. We thought that it would be helpful to prepare larger meals in the event there is an outage for any length of time.” Cantwell said.

Another San Antoino local, Sherri Montalvo, had no idea that a winter storm in San Antonio could be so horrific. Montalvo suggested that preparing early would not be a bad idea and you do not want to wait last second to get the necessary items that you need.

“Well, last year we were without power and water for over a week. This year we have definitely made changes by buying a solar generator, to keep on the refrigerator in case we lose the power. We also bought MRES or ready to eat meals. All you do is add water and it is a full meal. They last up to 25 years. So, we will always have a food source in case the grocery stores get wiped out like they did last year.” Montalvo said.

Cantwell closed with a great tip! “Make sure you have batteries for flashlights. I would also suggest that you stock up on water, but don’t go crazy. Purchase enough to get you through a couple days”.

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