SAN ANTONIO – The University of Our Lady of the Lake (OLLU) Ministry encourages all to take this Lenten season, which began on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 26, to pray, reflect and to take action. Lent is the six-week period during which Christians prepare for Easter with prayer, abstinence and repentance, like Jesus’ fasting in the desert. They invite you to join them for a daily journey of prayer, reflection and action for personal and communal growth.

Lent can be a time to deepen your relationship with God through prayer and other spiritual practices, attend Mass more regularly and to engage in acts of generosity and service that benefit others. When you attend Mass during Lent, you may notice small mite boxes. You may take one with you and place around your home to remind you to give to the poor and the needy during the Lenten season.

Lent Box for the collection of donations to lift communities out of poverty. Courtesy: CRS Rice Bowl

On a daily reflections video, OLLU’s own Rev. Kevin P. Fausz, C.M., V.U. said this about Lent “fasting is an important part of our Lenten observance… I think that fasting calls us to grow and to become people who open up ourselves more and more to the Lord and in our fasting, we come to recognize those around us who have very little or nothing… I think that our fasting and our care for them, can make the presence of Jesus Christ, the bridegroom, very real and present in our midst. So this Lent, let us fast with a purpose, that we might grow as individuals and as a community spiritually but that we might grow also in the larger community as the people of God sharing and caring for those who have little or nothing.” If you would like to view the full video, you may do so on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops YouTube channel, the video is titled 2020 02 28 Reflection (http://bit/ly/FrKevin).

University Ministry invites you to join the OLLU community in weekly conversations or to tune in to the University Ministry’s weekly Instagram Live, where they will respond to what is moving you this Lent. You can also follow their Instagram @olluministry. University Ministry will discuss your comments and reply to your questions every Thursday of Lent on Instagram live at 1 p.m.

For questions, you may contact If you would like to volunteer with a group from OLLU, stop by the OLLU Center for Service-Learning & Volunteerism in Worden 23 to learn more about their service project on March 23 with Headwaters Sanctuary or Mar. 30 for the annual OLLU service day tradition of vOLLUnteer IMPACT. Carpooling is available.

Ideas for Lent:

  1. Don’t buy anything that you don’t NEED.
  2. 40 Days of de cluttering(Donate your unused or unwanted items).
  3. No gossiping. 
  4. Work out daily to take care of the body God gave you.
  5. Don’t eat after dinner.
  6. Give up soda for Lent.
  7. Say 3 nice things to your family and friends daily.
  8. Don’t eat out for 40 days.
  9. Replace 30 minutes of TV or screen time with 30 extra minutes of devotion/prayer time.
  10. Do not complain or speak negatively.

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