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IRS opens tax season after Government delay

Tax Refund Status

Serapio Marquez

Government Shutdown Effects

SAN ANTONIO TX – Alamo College student Adrianna Gomez worries the possible refund delay will affect her ability to take care of her responsibilities. As the government temporary reopens after the longest shutdown in U.S. history the effects are still being felt. President Donald Trump has agreed to temporarily open the Government for three weeks. The deadline for the agreement ends on Feb. 15.

The government may be open, but the effects of the closure are still being felt on those who are depending on their tax refunds. The International Revenue Service is attempting to gain momentum on this busy tax season. The IRS currently has a backlog of unanswered mail from taxpayers, along with a new tax code overhaul that must be dealt with.

Political Science Professor Leda Barnett said the closure effected more than just government workers. “Think about all the people the ripple out effects,” Barnett said.

The ripple effect happened when Government workers could not go to work. In turn they were not putting gas or picking up lunch. That small action effected other people beyond those who work in the government. Gomez sayid “I always file early so my refund is available mid-February.” Those who file early may see a delay on their refunds this year due in part to the ripple effect from the shut down.

The ripple effect is putting pressure on the IRS who are continuing to assure taxpayers that 90 percent of refunds will be paid in 21 days. There are ways to help ensure your refund is handled as quickly as possible. File your taxes as soon as possible. E-file and direct deposit remain the fastest way to file an accurate income tax return.

To check the status of your refund visit the Where’s My Refund website at or go to the IRS2Go mobile app.

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