March 3, 2021

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Poems by Jada V. Freitag

Roses as Betrayal 

The soil that you grew from was sour 

killing those around you

Sharpened thorns that cut those around you

Your beauty controlled and drew those near

Only to trap them in your hold

You stand strong and tall

Red petals darker than the blood we bleed from

But the soil you grew from was sour 

The thorns on your stem made others bleed

You’re given as a gift only to appear magnificent 

until you start wilting 

and eventually you’re gone

you never really knew me

you didn’t grow in my backyard


The fact that my name keeps flowing out of your mouth

Like water pouring out of a bottle

spilling like water, making a mess

Uncontrollably sends me racing

across the oceans to meet paths 

yet, I would find myself lost 

Lost in blue

feeling blue

feeling green

Like I couldn’t hold it 

I couldn’t keep it down 

My heart was beating

My stomach was twisting 

My head was killing 

killing like the people on the streets 

the lives lost 

the souls being sent to heaven 

Heaven where I should be

Where it is calm, peaceful, beautiful 

Where you are, God

Forgive me

For the things I’ve done

The things I might of done

Prepare me 

For the things ahead 

The things I can’t control & the things

You can control

The Picture that He Loved

He held his big hand in mine, and it felt like it swallowed my hand whole 

He wraps his arms around me and involves me into his mind and soul

He pushes and motivates me as if he’s teaching me to reach my greatest potential 

He looks at me like I’m the world 

Little does he know, I’m looking back at mine

He calls me words that make my heart flutter

I’ve never felt more beautiful 

Your total is $7.77

It’s a match made in heaven 

He listens to music I’ve never heard of

And knows every single vine that existed

Using references all the time, that I never know but laughed at anyways 

He makes me laugh & smile uncontrollably 

Crackheads? That’s us

We’re on a different level 

We’re on the same level

I’ve never felt so close to someone

I sometimes can’t sleep without him next to me 

Missing him on weekends when we go 48 hours without each other 

I love the love that he gives me

It’s as if we were both ready to give someone our all and there, we both were

His broad shoulders make me look as if I could climb on him easily without any failure  

He could carry me so effortlessly 

He massages my pain away, opens my doors, pays for my meals but does so much more 

He showed me a whole other side of the world

Late nights with him are the best nights

His big smile drives me insane 

His laugh will forever be the greatest sound

Worth it, even if it fails

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